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a protest is planned. >>> as lawmakers hold a hearing on the tigard coffee -- on the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi, libya, we learned when david petraeus will break his silence. >> wasn't a 911 call that brought firefighters to a house fire, how an alert crew was on the scene in moments. >>> mixing truck flipped this afternoon blocking three lanes of traffic in san jose. the collided with a truck this afternoon. the chp issued a sig alert. all lanes were open by 3:00 p.m. and no one was injured. >>> furious members of congress heard testimony about the u.s. consulate attack in benghazi, libya that killed four americans. the report from washington on the angry exchange of words and when they will hear from former cia director david petraeus. >> reporter: we learned at the hearing secretary of state hillary clinton will it testify about the attacks next month. some say that is not soon enough. >> reporter: in a hearing, they said the obama administration was warned about the security in libya and ignored requests for additional protection. >> this administration, including the president
states and canada. authorities have confirmed 97 dead in the u.s., and another five in canada. and that's in addition to 69 people killed in the caribbean before hurricane sandy moved north. drivers in parts of new york and new jersey waited in long lines again today for gas. in someplacing, you see, lines stretch for three to four miles. some stations ran out of gas, while dozening of drivers were waiting. authorities say more than half of all gasoline stations in the new york and new jersey area are shut down, due to power outages or storm damage. >>> sunday's new york city mayor none was canceled today. new york city mayor michael bloomberg made the announcement just hours after he promised the race would go on despite the damage. estimated 40,000 runners from around the world had been expected to take part in that marathon. the race had been scheduled to start in staten island, which is one of the hardest hit areas from this week's storm. >>> and in 7 minutes, staten island residents say they have been left behind in relief efforts, and we asked california senator barbara boxer abou
then participate in violent gee jihad. -- one of them served in the u.s. air force. the fbi says the men planned to depart this month. >> a man is under arrest accused of molesting girls and offering them marijuana. san rafel police arrested jason edward clar yesterday. he's accused of the continuous sexual abuse of two girls under the age of 11, also taking lewd pictures of them and offering them marijuana. he has not seen the girls for about two years now. the girls told a parent about the allegations. clar is being held on $150,000 bail. >>> san mateo county prosecutors filed new charges against a murder suspect to try to keep him in jail while they appeal the dismissal of a murder charge against him. they charged gregory elarms with possessing weapons while in jail. that increased his bail to a half million dollars. he confessed to the fatal shooting of activist david lewis but the judge dismissed the case saying that elarms wasn't given his miranda rights. prosecutors say they'll appeal the dismissal to the state attorney generals office. >> he's the winningest football coach in cal history
retake the title in the 4th quarter. >>> there are reports fox con is shopping for factories in the u.s. they are looking around in los angeles and detroit. and its focus on lcd television equipment. they also announced plans to train u.s. engineers. they have two locations in the u.s., including in santa clara. >>> a earthquake rattles central america. the desperate search for survives. >> and the east coast is getting slammed against by mother nature. the havoc she is bringing this time around. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. >>> the death toll is 52 people follow
filed for jobless claims. it was the second straight decline. the u.s. labor market has been showing signs of improvement after more hiring and fewer job cuts. >>> on wall street today, the dow is up 36 to 13,021. the nasdaq is up 20 at 3,012. the s&p is up 6 at 1,415. >>> we have just learned that one of last night's powerball winners is expected to come forward tomorrow. the jackpot was $588 million. that is the highest ever for powerball. officials say one ticket was sold in arizona, another in missouri. the winners could each take $192 million before taxes. >>> coming up, california missed out on this jackpot but it won't in the future, powerball is coming to the golden state and who could see a win fall. >>> cheers at the u.n. today as they voted to grant statehood to palestine. [ cheers and applause ] >> the u.n. voted 138-9 to recognize palestine. despite strong opposition from the united states. susan rice said the resolution places further obticles in the path to -- obstacs in the path to peace -- obstacles in the path to peace. >> a new park with a new statues and the perso
will be taking over as acting director. president obama says he has the utmost confidence in morell. >> the u.s. supreme court has agreed to hear a lawsuit from states asked to be released from supervision. 16 states must get federal court approval before making any changes to their election procedures. four california counties are also covered by that provision of the voting rights act. several of the states say the basis for the supervision is outdated and they've made enough improvements they no longer need the oversight. >> president obama is set to travel to new york to review recovery efforts. the president will be on the east coast on thursday. there he'll meet with families affected by the storm as well as local officials and first responders. new york officials estimate damage from sandy could reach $33 billion in that state. the president traveled to new jersey last week to view the damage and recovery efforts there. >>> an 11-year-old boy from santa clara was among the victims of wednesday's major earthquake. the family of aldo dominguez vasquez says the boy was living with an uncle
they are furious about comments rice made directly after the september attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. rice told sunday news shows the incident grew out of a spontaneous protest and was not a terrorist attack. now rice says that information provided by intelligence agents was wrong. the white house came to her defense today. >> ambassador rice has no responsible for collecting, analyzing and providing intelligence. >> ambassador rice released a statement today saying there was no attempt to mislead the american people. now susan rice is believed to become a top contender to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. president obama said republican critics should, quote go after me instead. >>> stunning video from oakland. as two people in a car come face to face with someone pointing a gun at them from another car. and it didn't stop there. >> from afghanistan to federal court, why servicewomen are suing the department of defense. >>> caught on tape, something you probably haven't seen before. two money pointing a gun at the target, and the person
on the tarmac at 2:00 a.m. this morning. the largest cargo plane in the u.s. air force fleet was loaded up. they are part of a bigger air cargo assembling in southern california to help victims and communities ravaged by superstorm sandy and the resulting flooding and power outages. it is a huge challenge. >> getting it out and rolling to get them the power and supplies they need. >> reporter: hours ago another c-17 left to join the operation. that includes transport of 59 utility trucks from southern california edison. >> they will be moving equipment and personnel to upstate new york that will allow us to turn the lights on for the east coast. >> reporter: they will use 5 of the c5 aircraft and a dozen of the c-17s that will transport food and medical aid. >> folks that need medical assistance we can get them to the locations they need to go. >> reporter: they are participating in this mission which is expected to last 1-2 weeks. >>> coming up, bay area volunteers already on the east coast. >>> hundreds of people gathered in san jose in the hope of getting an affordable mortgage. they br
not been recovered before. we're working in coordination with the u.s. coastguard so that we can respectfully and most efficiently recover the body. >> that ceo vowed today to continue searching for the second worker's body. authorities said the explosion happened while workers were using a torch to cut an oil line on the platform. >>> congressional leaders say they want compromise on the fiscal cliff, but there is no sign of agreement of how to raise more revenue. without agreement, tax increases and deep spending cuts go into effect at the end of the year. the chair of the house gop policy committee said today the tax raise that president obama wants doesn't solve the problem. >> we take the president's deal that he has brought to the table. you know how many days that pays for the federal government? not -- eight days. not eight months. not eight weeks. eight days. >> the elements for an agreement are there. time is of the essence. the quicker we do it, the more confidence we instill. the better it is for the economy and for the american people. >>> house minority leader nancy
:30, the u.s. coast guard took the call for help. the yacht was about 300 feet north of the berkeley pier. the largest vessel in this video was the one in trouble. three people stayed on board, as it was towed. a broken seal may to be blame for the flooding. everyone was wearing a life jacket and no one was injured. >>> today cabrera kicked off the -- ktvu kicked off the one warm coat drive. we have a live report from santana row where donations i'm told have been steady today. hi, rita. >> reporter: that's right, heather. i have been doing this for about a decade, as long as the station has been doing it, and this is the best year ever. girls, how many coats have we got down here? >> 1,369! >> that's 1,369 coats, and that's double the number we got all of last year. now, the girls here, what do you get for doing this? >> we get a little patch. >> reporter: the girl scouts get a patch here. if you'll move your hand over. but they get a great reward. why are you doing this? >> because there are a lot of people that are very cold out there, and we really want to provided coats for them, s
say it's wasteful spending. the apology of the u.s. veterans, over taxpayer funded trips to vacation resorts. >>> more wind more wind. and there's more rain in the forecast. we'll let you know when it gets here. >>> we have an update on the travel spending by the veterans affairs department. as scott mcfarland reports, the agency apologized. some lawmakers aren't ready to forgive and forget. >>> perhaps the most outrageous expense, using tax money to produce the comedy spoof, employees who attended the shin dig outside disney world. the u.s. department of veterans affairs has been taking heat for months for spending millions on a pair of florida conferences, even providing free shuttle service for workers who want to go to disney world. in front of the u.s. house veterans affairs, agency executive said he was sorry. >> those failures were unacceptable. and i apologize to veterans and to the committee. >> documents we obtain show employees accepted pricey gifts, including limo ride and massages. >> veterans comes first. >> and also during the questioning, agency was unable to see how
continued to move troops to the border today preparing for a possible invasion of gaza. both the u.s. state department and the united nations are urging israel to end the violence. >>> the narm transportation safety board says it will be looking at video from the camera on the front of a locomotive in yesterday's deadly crash that killed four veterans. it happened in mid land texas during a parade honoring wounded vets. the train hit one of the parade floats at a crossing where records show there have been ten other accidents over the past 33 years. witnesses say one of the vets pushed his wife clear of the float just moments before he died in the collision. one participant a former military doctor who worked on the front lines said the scene reminded him of his time in iraq. >>> get your twinkies before they're gone. coming up we'll have the latest on the hostess shutdown and its impact. >>> and could the high speed rail project be de railed before it even begins? the key ruling late today from a judge in sacramento . >>> it's been struggling financially but tonight hostess says an ongoing
in the u.s. enrollment grew six percent last year, with 765,000 students on u.s. campuses. it is because of a 23% increase in students from china. >>> a russian grandmother did not need red riding hood to save her from the big bad wolf. she fought off and killed the wolf with her hands and an axe. she ran out to shoo it away and it turned on her. she hit it on the hand using an axe. >>> the opening of two new double slide bypass tunnels on the san mateo coast has been delayed again. completion is delayed to early next year. it will allow more time for inspections and the testing of electronic systems. this is at least the third delay for the $350 million project. >>> on the loose, a ktvu special report. a large number of criminals that are violating their parole and may be living in your neighborhood. >>> and in a few minutes, there is no fog at the coast, but a computer model shows clouds and rain moving in as we go into the middle of the week. details coming up. . >>> when is comes to marijuana, governor brown is saying the feds should back off california. >>> plus the gang with an eye
, restaurants and other industries. >>> a new survey finds u.s. consumer confidence has now soared to its highest level in five years. the university of michigan's consumer sentiment index rose .1% this month to 82.7%. 30% of consumers are also optimistic that the unemployment rate will fall over the next twelve months. but many expressed concerns about the looming fiscal cliff that includes tax heights and spending cuts that are set to hit january 1 if congress fails to act. >>> and the dow is up 48 points. the s&p rose 3. >>> a cease fire agreement has for now quieted the violence in the israel-palestinian conflict. rita is live in our newsroom now where heartbreaking stories just continue to pour in. >> reporter: that's right, gasia. there was a cease fire and a feeling of relief today on both sides of the gaza-israel border. with strong backing from the united states, the deal was brokered by egypt's new muslim brotherhood president and he'll oversee its compliance. >> this is a critical moment for the region. egypt's new government is assuming the responsibility and leadership that
roster after june 1st, and was eligible to play in the world series. >>> the u.s. supreme court this week could decide whether to get involved in the historic issue of same-sex marriage. california's proposition 8 is on the line. justices could decide whether to review the challenge to the 2008 voter-approved ban on same- sex marriage. if they choose not to review the challenge, they could hear up to 8 other cases challenging the federal defense of marriage act. >> it's huge. we could see really a key change on our issues from the supreme court this term. >>> the court could end up legalizing or banning gay marriage nationwise, depending on how far it goes. >>> a teenager's humiliating airport pat-down. the flood of responses from our viewers. >>> the state with the new so- called amazon texas expects to bring in about $100 million in its first fiscal year, but it is a confusing new law. some on-line retailers, big job line retailers are required to collect sales tax, but others are not. and if you buy something on- line and don't pay sales tax, odds are you still owe. if you need a tiki
, the u.s. economy could stall or -- >> you could see a recession. >> reporter: now that we know -- >> i hope not. >> it is us who have to pressure those people representing us. >> they should be more in tune with what americans need. >> sit down and come to an agreement. >> reporter: with congressional positions more hardin now, is there -- hardined now, is there still time? consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> on wall street today, stocks tumbled. the dow is down 312 to 12,932. the nasdaq is down 74 at 2,937. the s&p is down 33 at 1,394. >>> apple shares, the stock is down more than 20% from its record high. there is growing uncertainty about competition, management and supply chain issues. managers say they may stop putting cash into apple when the rest of the market goes sour. >> happening now, police are searching for a man who is armed with a gun. news chopper 2 shot these pictures. officers converged on the kennedy park neighborhood. police say two men got into a fight and then one of them had a gun. authorities are searching the neighborhood. >>> at&t is making a
now know petraeus will testify before the intelligence committee regarding the deadly attack on the u.s. conso late in benghazi september 11th. republicans are calling for a watergate style hearing to investigate the issues surrounding the attack. what did the president know? when did he know it? what did he do about it? >> i don't think there is any debate in this country when you have four americans killed that is a problem. we have to get to the bottom of it. there needs to be accountability we have to bring those who carried it out to justice. they won't get any debate from me on that. >> it remains to be seen whether or not lawmakers will take the opportunity to ask him about the sex scandal. >> >> back from devastation. a firsthand account from pg and e workers of what they encountered during the cleanup following super storm sandy. . >>> oakland merchants rolled out the red carpet for shoppers in their annual kickoff to the holiday season. > >> piedmont and 41st street dozens of merchants from 40 neighborhood shopping districts turned up, hoping to lure holiday shoppers to oaklan
are considering smaller catamarans. this comes after last month's accident on the san francisco bay. team u.s.a.'s boat flipped. the boat is built for speed but some people wonder if the boat is just too big to handle. they are rushing rushing to complete repairs for the finals. >>> new pressure to extend federal unemployment benefits. the benefits are helping 2 million people who have been out of work for more than six months. unless congress passes an extension the benefits will dry up 4 days after christmas. a think tank says it was only supposed to be temporary. >> we are borrowing this money to pay the unemployment benefits. >> the federal extension of unemployment benefits was something passed in 2008. >>> forget black friday, lines are starting to form on thanksgiving. how are small retailers protecting themselves or do they need to? >> i am back here in 10 minutes, nice day today, clouds are thick, you will need umbrellas again. i will let you know when the rain starts and when it ends. >>> black friday sales are starting earlier and earlier and some are opening now on thanksgiving. w
of u.s. ambassador chris stevens. >>> in china a sand storm covering people in thick orange dust. strong winds carried the sand as the temperatures dropped to 50 degrees. no reports of the sand effecting flights in the area. >>> big day for united airlines it flew the first paying passengers aboard the new dreamliner. the flight left houston and landed in chicago this morning. the plane is said to be more fuel efficient and less costly to maintain. half of the plane is made of strong and light composite materials. united is the first to receive a 787. >>> still to come tonight, the issues that sent hundreds of nurses on strike and what runners signed up for the new york city marathon did today instead. >> and the measure heading to a san francisco courtroom tumor and the 49ers new stadium hits a new milestone. >> the new ktvu channel 2 news ipad app is ready to download. watch newscasts live, get traffic, weather and video of breaking news anytime, anywhere. ♪ [ male announcer ] start with an all new award winning car. good. now find the most hard core driver in america. that g
tomorrow if she plans to remain the democratic leader in the u.s. house of representatives. the 72-year-old democrat has scheduled a late hearing. >> i will see you right here 10:00 tomorrow morning. while i love you all very dearly i thought maybe i would talk to my own caucus before i shared that information with you. >> congresswoman pelosi served four years as speaker of the house before democrats lost majority. she's been minority leading every since. >>> in 25 minutes, nancy pelosi had very sharp words when discussing the petraeus scandal. >>> melvin led the a's to american league west title and the team's first play off appearance since 2006. the team traded several key players during the offseason and some predicted the a's would lose 100 games. instead they were the lowest paid in baseball. >>> we're talking about showers coming to the bay area and soon. i'll have all the details, see you in a bit. >>> operators of the new outlet mall released new opening numbers. we first showed you these long lines of cars backing up on to the freeway when the paragon out lets opened on thurs
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